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Welcome to Qwickly Symposium: 10 Years with Qwickly

Presented By: John DiGennaro, CEO and Matt Hadgis, President

Hear from the founders of Qwickly, Inc. as they give an overview of the newest developments in Qwickly's products and services for the 2023-2024 school year.

Enhancing the Attendance-Taking Experience to Meet the Needs of Instructors and Students

Presented By: Jane Delmontiano and Deanna Demechko, Technical Product Educators

Take a deeper dive into the instructor experience, including our brand new Seating Chart attendance-taking mode, our other attendance-taking options, using card reader mode on mobile phones, and updates to student records.

Using Qwickly to Address Institutional and Federal Regulations

Presented By: Holly Rowsey, Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation and Distance Learning at Freed-Hardeman University

Rules, Rules, Rules...With each new policy and regulation comes the question of how the end-user will implement and support it. In this session, we will examine a few key features that can be used to address and even simplify an institution's attendance policy, retention efforts, and Title IV active participation requirements.

It's 10 am, Do You Know Where Your Students Are? Use These 5 Qwickly Reports to Find Out!

Presented By: Jane Delmontiano and Deanna Demechko, Technical Product Educators

Explore Qwickly's robust attendance reporting platform, including how to save frequently used reports, schedule reports to run on a recurring basis, and have reports sent automatically to administrators. We will cover our most popular reports with a focus on use cases.

Encourage Student Accountability with the Qwickly Attendance Mobile App

Presented By: Jane Delmontiano and Deanna Demechko, Technical Product Educators

The Qwickly Attendance Mobile App takes the burden of daily attendance-taking off of instructors and enables additional verification options. Experience Qwickly Attendance from the student perspective. Topics include: QR Check-In, Check-Out, Location Confirmation, increased verification, and the instructor mobile view.

Qwickly Course Tools - Collateral Improvement

Presented By: Chris Daniele, Coordinator of Instructional Technology at MassBay Community College

Qwickly Course Tools increases the productivity of instructors, but the net effect makes things better for everyone - students, academic deans, administration...let's talk about it.

Understanding APIs: A Generalist's Guide to Learn APIs

Presented By: Terry Patterson, Senior IT Systems Analyst at Austin Community College

Learn the basics of APIs and how they interact with your learning management system. This presentation will go over the basic common ways Rest APIs interact with applications, such as Blackboard, Brightspace, and Canvas. The presentation will also go over best practices to ensure Rest API integrations meet security guidelines.

Panel Discussion: Navigating the Challenges of AI in Higher Education

Presented By: Jean-Marie Venturini, Scott Blanks, and Angela Wright-Nash.

Featured Panelists: Jean-Marie Venturini, Director of Learning Centers and Instructional Designer/Technologist at Otis College of Art and Design | Scott Blanks, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning at Benedict College | Angela Wright-Nash, Online Education & Outreach Coordinator at Pinellas Technical College | Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in higher education, promising to enhance teaching and learning experiences, improve administrative tasks, and transform the future of education. However, as with any new technology, AI also presents significant challenges and concerns that must be addressed. In this panel, we have brought together three experts in the fields of education and technology to discuss the various challenges that AI presents in higher education. Each panelist brings a unique perspective to the discussion. Join us for this thought-provoking panel as we explore the challenges and opportunities of AI in higher education and discuss strategies for navigating this rapidly evolving landscape.

Closing of Qwickly Symposium

Presented By: Matt Hadgis, President

Take a look ahead at what features are coming soon and learn more about the next steps you can take to make the most out of Qwickly's products.

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