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During the COVID-19 advances, Qwickly remains committed to working with clients to provide excellent support and will act as fast as possible to address any questions or technical issues. Please note that in order to comply with the State of Ohio's regulations, Qwickly's workforce is now remote. For additional information, please see this news article.

In the coming months, Qwickly will be releasing an LTI version of Qwickly Jot to be compatible with Blackboard Learn, Canvas, & D2L Brightspace. The Blackboard building block version of Qwickly Jot is still available, but there will be no new development on this version.

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Assignments students
can write on directly
in Blackboard Learn.

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Expand the scope of Assignments in Blackboard

Create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps and more for students to write on directly in Blackboard. Provide students with an array of interactive assignments covering various subject matter: block out scenes in a play on a blank stage, diagram the chemical bonds of a water molecule, and label the parts of an eye. With Qwickly Jot, the possibilities are nearly endless.

We believe this powerful course tool belongs in every installation of Blackboard, so we're making it free for every school. Eliminate the restrictions of traditional Blackboard assignments with Qwickly Jot.



Choose or Create an Image

Choose or Create an Image

Select an existing jpg or png image or create a new one for student use. Qwickly+Cloud clients can create a Google Drawing and let Qwickly convert it to an image.

Create a Jot Assignment

Create a Jot Assignment

Create a Qwickly Jot Assignment inside your course and select the image students, or choose one of the built in templates, will mark up during the creation process.

Complete Assignment

Complete Assignment

Students complete the assignment within Blackboard by "writing" directly on the assignment using a touch screen and stylus or their cursor using a mouse/trackpad.

Grade Assignments

Grade Assignments

A final image created for each individual student is embedded directly in the Blackboard Grade Center making it easy to view and grade student work.

Pricing & Availability

Qwickly Jot is free for any school using Blackboard Learn. Qwickly Jot requires the free Qwickly Building Block, version 4.0 or greater.

Qwickly version 5.0 brings a new feature to Qwickly Jot: built in assignment templates. Choose from common 'paper types' like blank paper, lined paper, staff paper, graph paper and more.

Get more out of Qwickly Jot by adding Qwickly+Cloud, allowing you to select images stored in cloud storage services and create new images using Google Drawings.

Quick Start Video

The following video will help you get up and running faster and address some common questions.

On-Demand Webinars

Watch one of our recorded webinars right now.

Qwickly Course Tools for Blackboard Learn

Recorded June 12, 2019

Learn about Qwickly's course efficiency tools that allow users to communicate with and post content to multiple courses in a single action; take another look at Qwickly Jot to create more engaging Blackboard Assignments.

For: Blackboard system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Qwickly Jot Faculty Training

Recorded September 5, 2018

Learn how to use the Qwickly Jot assignment in Blackboard Learn that allows instructors to create assignments students can write on directly inside the learning management system.

For: Blackboard system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Introduction to Qwickly Jot

Recorded March 20, 2018

Learn how to use Qwickly's newest course tool, Qwickly Jot. This free tool allows instructors to create assignments in Blackboard that students can write directly on with no extra software.

For: Blackboard system admins, academic leadership, faculty