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COVID-19 Response
During the COVID-19 advances, Qwickly remains committed to working with clients to provide excellent support and will act as fast as possible to address any questions or technical issues. Please note that in order to comply with the State of Ohio's regulations, Qwickly's workforce is now remote. For additional information, please see this news article.
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Track and Grade Student Attendance

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Qwickly Attendance

Powerful, Integrated Attendance and Participation Tracking for Blackboard Learn, Canvas, and D2L Brightspace.

Take the pain out of tracking and grading student attendance with Qwickly Attendance. This robust course tool enables faculty to take attendance that is automatically graded in the Blackboard Grade Center, Canvas Gradebook, or D2L Grades. the Blackboard Grade Center. the Canvas Gradebook. D2L Grades. Instructors can take attendance using an attendance list on screen or allow students to check in on their own browser, or use existing Student ID cards to check in when entering class.

How to Take Attendance

Watch this quick video about one of the many features you can expect with Qwickly Attendance after you start your trial.

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System administrator access is required. Qwickly products are set up at the administrative level for the institution as a whole. If you do not have access, please direct an administrator to these steps in order to begin setup of Qwickly products.

Qwickly Attendance: Get Started!

  1. Contact us through a ticket to discuss with us specific integration needs.
  2. Make sure you have your Qwickly ID and password. If you're unsure of this, contact us through a ticket.
  3. Configure the LTI tool using the Canvas LTI, Blackboard LTI, or Brightspace LTI Setup Guide.
  4. Configure the LTI tool using the Blackboard LTI Setup Guide.
  5. Configure the LTI tool using the Canvas LTI Setup Guide.
  6. Configure the LTI tool using the Brightspace LTI Setup Guide.
  7. Request a 30 day trial of Qwickly Attendance from your rep, or contact us through a ticket.
  8. If migrating from the Blackboard Building Block version, remember to turn off the Qwickly Attendance tool in the Building Block.


Automatic Grading

Automatic Grading

Keep grades up to date all semester long.

Multiple Times a Day

Multiple Times a Day

Lecture and lab on the same day? No problem!

Send Absence Emails

Send Absence Emails

Automatically notify students when they are marked absent.

Add Private Comments

Add Private Comments

Record specific information regarding student absences.

All Records

All Records

View attendance records in a grid view by date, allowing for easy editing.

Record Summary

Record Summary

See student summary of each attendance status (LTI only).

Record Ordering

Record Ordering

Instantly switch records from oldest first to newest first.

Multiple Times a Day

Export Records

Download your attendance record to CSV to open as a spreadsheet.

Student Photo Integration

Student Photo Integration

Integrate student photos into attendance screens to improve name recognition.

Label Sessions

Label Sessions

Titles differentiate sessions on the same day or highlight important term dates.

Sticky Settings

Sticky Settings

Common settings are saved intelligently during use of the product, resulting in less configuration.

Continuous Development

Continuous Development

Ongoing feature development ensures a future-proof attendance platform.

Take Attendance

Qwickly Attendance offers a variety of ways to take attendance: take attendance manually using a list of students or click through students one by one, start a student check-in session in which students can check in on their own devices or integrate with USB card readers for reading student ID cards with a variety of card readers for an extra layer of verification.

Attendance Styles

Qwickly Attendance offers multiple attendance styles. Instructors can see a list of all students and work down the list or have Qwickly Attendance show one student at a time as they call off names.

Student Check-In

Card Reader

Automatic Grading

Styles iPhone Check-in Card Reader Automatic Grading

Attendance Statuses

Qwickly Attendance provides power and flexibility with attendance statuses. Three attendance statuses are built in (Present, Absent, and Excused) and others can be created for all courses or individual courses. Each status has an absence weight and points attached to provide basic options like late or tardy all the way to building complex participation scales. This enables faculty to set items as partial credit, award bonuses for going to study sessions and create participation scale (i.e. 1-5 points per day).


Worth 100% of the sessions points and 0% of an absence.


Worth no points and a full absence for the session.


Excuses the student from the session, gives no points and no absence.


Create tardy, left early, extra credit, participation statuses or any other status you can imagine.

Basic Attendance

Take attendance with absent and present.

Customizable Statuses

Take attendance with tardy and extra credit statuses.

Student Participation

Track participation on a 0-5 point scale.

Record Keeping

Students have a unique view of the attendance screen, allowing them to see their own record, helping them stay on track of any attendance policies. Of course, they are not able to see the record of any other student.

Attendance Record

Easily change a student's attendance status to correct an error or report an excused absence by clicking the cell for their record.
See How it Works

Status Summary

Absence Statistics


Qwickly Attendance Nominated as Finalist for 2019 CODiE Award

Qwickly is excited to announce that our product, Qwickly Attendance, was a finalist in the Best Administrative Solution category for the CODiE Awards! We are so thrilled to be a part of the CODiE™ Awards 2019, which recognizes excellence in the software, content and education industries.


Transform attendance taking procedures for both faculty and students.

Winning faculty over with the statement, "Never answer the question, 'How many absences do I have?', again!"

Emily Robertson from Gardner-Webb University

Learn more about Gardner-Webb University's trial and eventual successes with the implementation of Qwickly Attendance!

Learn More

Featured Webinar

On-Demand Webinars

Introducing Online Activity Mode in Qwickly Attendance Pro for Blackboard and Canvas

May 5, 2020

Learn about the new attendance mode designed for online courses.

For: Blackboard and Canvas System Admins, Academic Leadership, Faculty

Best Tips and Tricks For Qwickly Products Webinar

March 26, 2020

We understand there are new challenges surrounding the changes having to be made to learning environments due to current events. We wanted to share different ways to use Qwickly products to help support all of those involved at this specific time. Please join us so that we can share ways to work more efficiently and get the most out of the products as you move forward.

For: LMS system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Advanced Attendance Strategies with Qwickly Attendance

January 30, 2020

Maximize the potential of various attendance-taking methods including check-in and card reader mode, learn how to grade student participation, and see other ways to unlock the power of Qwickly Attendance.

For: system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Getting Started with Institutional Attendance Reporting with Qwickly Attendance Pro

January 15, 2020

Streamline attendance data for your institution with the reporting capabilities of Qwickly Attendance Pro. This product offers a full suite of user-friendly attendance taking options for instructors and institutional reporting for administrators to drill into attendance data by class, by student, and by specific time period. Learn how Qwickly Attendance will transform attendance tracking efforts at your school.

For: system admins, academic leadership, retention professionals, financial aid leadership

Qwickly Attendance Faculty Training - Fall 2019

August 12, 2019

Get a jump start on taking attendance this Fall with Qwickly Attendance faculty training. Take twenty minutes to learn how to get up and running using this attendance tracking platform.

For: LMS System Admins (Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace), Faculty

Introduction to Qwickly Attendance for D2L Brightspace

May 15, 2019

Interested in the capabilities of Qwickly Attendance for Brightspace before starting a trial? See how its features and flexibility will work for your institution.

For: Brightspace system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Attendance Tracking and Reporting for Academic Affairs

March 6, 2019

Qwickly Attendance Pro offers a full suite of attendance tracking options that are easy for instructors to use to take attendance and institutional reporting that allows administrators to drill into attendance data by class, by student or even specific time periods. Join us as we explore how this system can improve your attendance tracking efforts at your school.

For: High Education Academic Affairs Staff

Going Beyond Present or Absent using Qwickly Attendance - Featuring Trevecca Nazarene University

October 25, 2018

Learn more effective ways to use Qwickly Attendance from our clients, LaMetrius Daniels, Mara Hogan and Jessica Simpson from Trevecca Nazarene University as they explain ways to maximize opportunities for student success while building an engaged, high-performing and learner-centered culture all with the help of products from the Qwickly line.

For: Blackboard system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Qwickly Attendance Faculty Training

August 21, 2018

Start your semester with the efficiency of Qwickly Attendance. Learn how to manage class attendance with our user-friendly software.

For: Blackboard or Canvas system admins, academic leadership, faculty

Introduction to Qwickly Attendance for Canvas

July 10, 2018

Interested in the capabilities of Qwickly Attendance for Canvas before starting a trial? See how its features and flexibility will work for your institution.

For: Canvas System Admins, academic leadership, faculty

Introduction to Qwickly Attendance for Blackboard Learn

April 12, 2018

Interested in the capabilities of Qwickly Attendance before starting a trial? See how its features and flexibility will work for your institution.

For: Blackboard system admins, academic leadership, faculty


Pricing for Qwickly Attendance is based on the number of faculty at your school. We count full-time faculty as one faculty member and part-time faculty as 1/3 of a faculty member. The cost estimator below will give you a price to license Qwickly Attendance for a year. Schools with a Qwickly+ license can get Qwickly Attendance at a reduced cost.

These prices apply to both the Blackboard Building Block version and LTI version of Qwickly Attendance

Qwickly Attendance Cost Estimator*:
Your Institution has full-time faculty.
Your Institution has part-time faculty.
Faculty #  
Total Cost /year

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