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Qwickly | Qwickly Inc. introduces Qwickly+Cloud

June 11, 2015

Qwickly Inc. introduces Qwickly+Cloud, a dual cloud storage upload and sharing engine within the Blackboard Learn ™ Platform

CLEVELAND, Ohio. - June 11, 2015 - As cloud storage becomes more ubiquitous in higher education, Qwickly Inc. has launched a new engine that allows Blackboard Learn ™ users to upload documents to their preferred cloud storage solution, at the same time, linking that file to users within Blackboard Learn seamlessly and effortlessly.

"This is a complete game-changer,” says Dr. John DiGennaro, co-founder and CEO of Qwickly Inc., "research by the Eclipse group tells us that 75% of people are using some form of cloud storage computing platform and probably more in higher education. We connect those users with the most robust, scalable, and adopted learning management system in the world, Blackboard Learn."

The solution, which came to market two years ago with a single product focused on creating efficiency for users, hence the name "Qwickly," allows users to engage in the core functionality with just a few clicks including creating and posting announcements, sending email, and making courses visible to students. Qwickly + (Qwickly Plus) allows users to upload files to multiple courses at once.

Their newest offering, Qwickly+Cloud (Qwickly Plus Cloud), allows Blackboard Learn™ users to upload from cloud storage providers such as Google, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. The documents can live in Blackboard Learn or the files can be linked to the storage providers. System administrators can control that workflow. Now, Qwickly+Cloud allows for the newest workflow, a user can upload a file and the document is actually placed into the cloud storage provider, then it is linked to the course in Blackboard Learn transparent to the end users, the students. Qwickly+Cloud also allows students to upload files from their cloud storage providers using the Mashup tool in Blackboard Learn virtual text editor. Simply put, Qwickly+Cloud offers a fundamentally different kind of experience, it is designed to rapidly drive adoption of the institution’s cloud storage providers through one of their most used enterprise solutions.

"Nearly every school today is either a Google or a Microsoft shop, so it was natural for us to work with our clients to leverage those cloud storage solutions effectively. This allows for a very tight integration of the campus’ Blackboard Learn installation and their cloud provider of choice" explains Matt Hadgis, co-founder and CTO of Qwickly, Inc. "We expect significant demand for this product as schools continue to move their entire enterprise storage solutions to the cloud. There are many benefits for doing this, driving cloud storage adoption, reducing storage costs to the institution, and of course, a seamless user experience."

Qwickly is part of the Blackboard Developers Network™, an innovative community of educational and technical experts with a passion for using technology to enhance teaching and learning. "Our partner and developer programs drive tremendous value for clients by enabling access to hundreds of pre-built extensions that help them get more value out of their learning platforms," said Jim Hermens, Vice President of Business Development at Blackboard. "This unique, vibrant community of development makes it easy for institutions to customize their systems and gives them great flexibility in how they improve and shape the education experience."

About Qwickly

Qwickly, Inc. is a user-centered productivity platform for learning management systems, connecting them to cloud storage providers, and creating a product that connects students and teachers to the system’s most utilized tools.

Founded in 2013 by John DiGennaro and Matt Hadgis, Qwickly has over 250 clients around the world. Qwickly has reduced help desk tickets at client institutions and increased cloud drive adoption. Qwickly is customizable to fit the needs of each educational institution, and is designed to dramatically simplify the workflow of common tasks within learning management systems.

Qwickly is a 2014 Flashstarts accelerator company and is currently seeking additional funding to re-think the enterprise cloud storage and learning space. Flashstarts is the agile startup accelerator focusing on unique, innovative uses of software and technology. Visit ww.flashstarts.com for more information. For more information on Qwickly, visit www.goqwickly.com. Qwickly is a licensed developer for the Google, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft, and is an official Blackboard Building Blocks Partner™ and part of the Blackboard Developers Network™.

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